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Class Overview 

We do not sensationalize or try to scare parents. We want you to understand that the Internet is a wonderful tool if used carefully. You will learn to understand that you can have control over your child's use of technology and help prevent your child from becoming involved in activities not approved of by you, the parent.

We'll impress upon you that not having a computer at home will not solve the problem and that you need to learn how the technology works. From that understanding, you can make rules for computer use and head off problems that you may see your child getting into.

What we do not do in the class is make judgments or sell products.  We explain the issues, some of the positives and negatives, and let them decide what is appropriate for their family.  Our staff stays very neutral so parents feel comfortable making their own decisions.

The class covers:
Computer hardware and software basics Windows basics
Getting connected to the Internet Internet addressing
Newsgroups E-mail
Hacking Protecting your privacy
Internet fraud Sex crimes
Internet chats Filtering and blocking unwanted sites with software
Searching the Internet for information on you or your child Internet safety summary

The program's primary goal is to prevent victimization of children via the internet, prevent criminal involvement of children via the Internet, and educate adults in the use of computers, the Internet, and computer ethics in relation to themselves as well as their children.